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My holistic theory of personality

Human personality consists of the biological and psychological heritage of their ancestors, as well as their innate abilities and emotions. Subsequently, they are very influenced by the people they encounter , starting with the birth such as mother,father,babysitter grandfather and grandmother etc. My theory of personality was initially influenced by the ideas of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. However, I divide personality into two section as conscious and unconscious. I divide the subconscious as individual subconscious and collective subconscious. I think there are 3 different instincts in each part of the subconscious. Sex, aggresivness and compassion instinct. .

Just like Freud, I think that human consciousness is very affected by 0-19 age periods. The events and problems we experience after the age of 19 depend on the data of this period. Freud theory of childs development is between 0-1 years, which are called oral period, 1-3 years called anal period, 3-6 years phallic period, 6-12 years latency period and also 12-19 years genital period very accurate determinations. During these periods, mother, father, babysitter, grandparents, neighbors, teachers and friends are very influential in our lives.All of them make up our personality.

There are three important instincts that affect our individual subconscious. The sexual instinct, the aggressiveness instinct, and the compassion instinct that besides it leads us to the positive. emotions are infiluanced by compassion instinct. Our personality is a mixture of our innate traits and traits inherited in our ancestors, and this blend is influenced by the individual subconscious and the collective subconscious.

In our collective subconscious, there are all the records of the history of humanity and like the individual subconscious, it consists of sex instinct, aggression instinct and compassion instinct. When we examine human beings in ancient times, human had to fight and hunt to solution their basic needs such as hunger and thirst. On the other hand, sexual instinct was necessary for the continuation of the generation. Because of compassion instinct, human loved and protected their children, created works of art, and feel confidence.

It is our mind that establishes the balance between the consciousness and the subconscious. Our subconscious forces us to make the sexual, aggression or compassion instinct. The consciousness is above us, social culture educational and biological factors can be affect us in this regard, slowing down, softening or transforming decisions. The last decision mechanism is the mind. It receives conscious and subconscious messages, classifies them and makes decisions. For example, you are angry with a friend, your aggressive instinct tells you to punch your friend. Your consciousness alerts you to what people will be think of you. The mind balanced to this two and you can be talk to your friend and tell him to about your feelings. This way, your aggressive instinct is transformed. Second example, your compassion instinct is very high. You want to love the children you see on the street, but there is no hug in the society you live in, social distance is preserved and affection is verbally conveyed. In this case, the mind maintains balance. You can tell the child that you love him in words.

Our personality is our spiritual skeleton. Even if change is not easy, change is possible with extra effort.I think that in order to change personality, it is necessary to focus on the positive aspects of people like Alfred Adler and Carl Rogers. Awareness of one's strengths provides self-confidence. It becomes easier for a confident individual to develop their weaknesses.

As a result, although my personality theory in human psychology was influenced by the study of many valuable psychologists who lived before me, it create a new assumption. The biggest addition I have made is the addition of the compassion instinct to individual and collective consciousness. Another different point of view is that I divide consciousness into 3 groups as socio-cultural, educational and biological factors. I found it appropriate to call my theory of personality the holistic theory of personality because I brought many perspectives together.

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