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Lady Diana's life

She was born on July 1, 1961, in Sandringham Park House, Northfolk, England. She belonged to an aristocratic family. His father, Edward John Spencer, was an earl and

She had 4 siblings named Sarah, Jane, John, and Charles. Her parents were divorced in the childhood period and Leydi Diana was so affected by divorce.

In reality, Lady Diana's marriage was a planned one. When Prince Charles turned 32, pressures for him to marry had increased, and it was very important for the desired bride-to-be to be Protestant and a member of the Church of England. In addition, it was preferred to be a member of a noble family. Therefore, with the approval of the Queen, Diana, who was of aristocratic origin, was chosen as his wife. (Diana was a member of the Spencer family, which for centuries supported royalty and monarchy.) Lady Diana and Prince Charles were engaged on February 24, 1981, and married on July 29, 1981.

The magnificent marriage ceremony held at St Paul's Cathedral was broadcast on television all over the world. The ceremony, watched by approximately 1 billion people, was the wedding of the century. Diana, who was 20 years old, received the title of Princess of Wales.

She had been thought the Princess, who looked quite shy at this ceremony, would become the future Queen of the United Kingdom.

The first months of her marriage had not been easy for Diana, as she struggled to keep up with the rules of the palace and her relationship with Prince Charles, who was older and more experienced. Meanwhile, she became pregnant in a very short time and became a mother on June 21, 1982. Prince William was born. The fact that the baby was a boy made everyone happy.

Even after Prince Charles got married, he was still seeing his ex-girlfriend, Camilla Parker Bowles, and this was also known to her. Leydi Diana, who thought she was unloved and unwanted by her husband, fell ill with bulimia. Despite everything, while trying to continue her marriage, she became pregnant for the second time, and on September 15, 1984, Prince Henry was born. Lady Diana had hoped that the birth of their second child would save her marriage, but that did not happen. While all this was going on, Lady Diana attempted to self-harm to get her husband's attention, and all these events took a toll on their relationship. Their union continued for a long time in this form and in 1992 they began to live separately. Prince Charles remained at the Highgrove house, and Diana continued to live at Kensington Palace.

While going through all these processes, Lady Diana, as Princess of Wales, continued to perform royal duties on the Queen's behalf and represented her at functions in the Commonwealth of Nations. Initially working on issues related to the elderly and children, Lady Diana later became much more began to work on effective issues. It had a great impact on raising awareness of the society against AIDS and preventing the exclusion of people from society because of this disease. Lady Diana is the first person to shake hands with an AIDS patient without gloves. On the other hand through the International Committee of the Red Cross, she tried to draw attention to the land mine problem in war-torn countries, especially Angola. In addition, she created awareness and supported people affected by cancer and mental illness. On the other hand, she was also very influential as a fashion icon, thanks to her clothes, behavior, beautiful face, and demeanor between 1980-1990. The shy princess at the beginning was supported by the public and the press with her conscious, sincere, and helpful behavior. Thanks to all these efforts, she continued to maintain her prestige after the divorce.

During the time they lived apart with Prince Charles, she tried to explain herself. During this period, together with Andrew Morton, he wrote a book called Diana's biography. The book was released on July 16, 1992. Meanwhile, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker continued to meet openly. In 1995, Lady Diana made an interview with the BBC reporter and talked about her bulimia, marriage, and helping the public on television.

Key dialogues from this interview: She said that we were 3 people in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded. She stated that he did not want a divorce. She answered the question "Do you want to be a queen" by saying "I want to be the queen of hearts"

The interview was broadcast on BBC One on November 20, 1995. The television program was watched by 22.8 million people.No princesses has ever spoken so openly. After this interview, Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister John Major told Prince Charles and Diana to split up.

They separated on August 28, 1996. With the divorce, Lady Diana's title was changed.

No longer would her Royal Highnesses be Princess of Wales, only Diana would be Princess of Wales. If she remarried, the title of the princess would be taken back. She received £17 million in compensation from Prince Charles for the divorce. Afterward, she could no longer talk about her divorce and what happened. Lady Diana had a relationship after Prince Charles. One of them was Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. She spent with him 2 years. Their relationship ended due to the fact that the cultures of the two were different. Her next lover was Dodi Al Fayed, the son of famous Egyptian businessman Mohammed Al Fayed.

Diana and Dodi encountered a lot of paparazzi when they walked out of the back door of the hotel they were staying in to avoid being caught by the paparazzi on August 31, 1997. As they got into their vehicle, the chase began. While their driver, Henri Paul, was trying to dodge the paparazzi, he went astray and crashed in a dark tunnel. Dodi al-Fayed and Henri Paul died at the scene. Diana, who was sent to the hospital by ambulance, which arrived late, could not be saved in the hospital despite all efforts. Only Diana's bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, survived the accident. As soon as she heard the news of Lady Diana's death, her ex-husband Prince Charles, Earl Spencer, and Diana's sisters went to Paris with Diana, and Diana's funeral returned to England on the same day. 6 days of official mourning were declared in England and Diana was buried in a magnificent ceremony on September 6, 1997. After her death, hundreds of thousands of notes and flowers were left in front of the palace. Prince Harry left a note saying "Mommy" on his coffin. 2.5 billion people watched Diana's funeral. According to some rumors, Princess Diana's death is thought to be an assassination. But there was no evidence to prove this.

Lady Diana is a legendary personality that still influences the press, television, and social media. Newspapers in England have news about Diana every day. On July 1, 2007, a concert was held for Diana. Every summer, Diana lovers go to Althorp House to commemorate the People's, Princess Diana. His clothes and many of the items he used are in this house. In addition, many local and foreign tourists visit Althorp House, as there is Diana's tomb on the island in the middle of the lake in the garden of the house. In addition, Diana and her death have been the subject of many documentaries, articles, books, and films.

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