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If you want to be happy,leave your social media platforms.

Social media usage has been increasing in the recent 10 years. People prefer to meet on

Social media instead of meeting face to face. Moreover, not only teenagers but also other age groups prefer it. In reality, the synergy and happiness created by activities in the same environment is much more satisfying. Spending much time using social media is unstisfied activity for human being.In my opinion, spending too much time on social media makes people alone and stressful.

First of all, people open their social media accounts as soon as they wake up and there is an increasing use of "whatsapp". Experts say that people check their social media accounts every 15 minutes of time. Social media is an addictions and makes stress on people. The important reason why friendships end these days is that posts on social media are not liked. This unemotional approach increases the loneliness of people.On the other hand, spending time on social media platforms allow one to stay away from daily life.Nowadays, even family members prefer to connect with others on social media when they come together rather than talk together.

The opposite view supports that social media saves people from loneliness and makes their free time enjoyable. In addition to, opposite point of view claim that people learn a lot of new information from social media. If people meet with their friends outside instead of using social media and spend time , their sharing will increase and also understand each other much better. In addition to If people want to enjoyable time, they can be sport with their friends and also helping other people with charity. On the other hand, ıf they want to learn news and information, they can be read newspaper and books.I believe that when they talk and share their information face to face they will feel good and to be satisfied.

In Conclusion, social media makes people lonely and stressed out.It also individualizes and cannot empathize with others. Empathy and compassion are values ​​that can be learned by living together.In reality, human beings are social and joint activities increase one's joy of life. When a person is happy, She becomes successful and creative. For all these reasons, we should reduce our use of social media and increase the activities we do with our friends.

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