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I can not breathe.

Nothing is a coincidence, there is certainly a lesson that we will learn in every event.

Yes, I thought so for Corana virus.

It was a lesson for all humanity. The universe said to us, calm down. What do you live and What are you giving to the world?

Well, this lesson came to us by air. It was an airborne disease, and one of the major problems the Corana virus did was prevent it from breathing.

So the world we live in couldn't breathe as a result of what we did.

When we entered the houses, the world began to repair itself. We should have noticed that in fact, when we are not, the universe continues its life with its beauty, simplicity and cleanness. Another important issue that Corana virus taught us should be to attract us to the consciousness of unity and integrity because the epidemic was the problem of the whole world and now we, the hunger of Africa, We should not have been able to say that Australia's fire was the problem of Syrian refugees and we should have learned this in a few months. I was pretty optimistic about this, actually I thought we had learned. I did not want to bring a different thought to my mind.We were experiencing what we spoke and thought.

While I was happy to transition to the normalization process with these feelings, the incident in the city of Mineapolis in America frightened me.I saw and read the story of George Floyd.Wasn't he saying "I can't breathe" at Goerge Floyd?

The fact that he couldn't breathe was that humanity couldn't breathe. The whole world was a whole so is the entire universe.I think that this incident in America is a lesson that it wants to tell all humanity.The fact that this happened in America and caused great actions is actually a tool for us to more easily recognize what the universe wants to tell us.the whole world and humanity are all one.

We create the collective consciousness that we all do and think they live, and then we experience the worries, anxieties and fears in this consciousness.

Yes now we need .....

Breath for all ......

Equality for all people,

Justice for all people ...

Fresh air for the whole world ..

Clean water for the whole world ...

Livable soil for the whole world. not to be starving for all people and world.

Can we realize that outbreaks and disasters will continue to occur as long as we do not want every beauty and goodness for all humanity, do not work for it and live with these values.All living things in the universe are connected to each other by invisible threads, just like a spider web.

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