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Corona Virus(Covid19)

Existing of Mankind suffers from different pandemic diseases. Plague is one of the most dangerous diseases faced by human beings. While the world population is around 500 million, it is estimated that around 200 million people died..A desiase cause by the bacteria Yersenia Pestis was the plague. It is known that the bacteria that cause plague are carried by mice. The plague epidemic that started in Asia was carried to Venice by merchant ships and spread to all European countries. The second largest pandemic the world has ever seen is Spanish flu.The pandemic have been seen between 1918-1920 years and was caused 50 millions peoples died.These days World population was only 2 billions. Considering that the number of deaths in the first world war was 19 million, we can better realize the magnitude of the impact of the pandemic. Now we are in 2020, the world is experiencing the 3rd global pandemic, its name Covid19. To date, 1,510 million people in the world have died from the covid 19 virus.According to 2018 sensus the World population is it is 7.594 billion.

The covid 19 has still been continued. On the other hand, the work to find covid19 vaccine continues.In fact, we can collect covid19 vaccine studies in 2 groups: RNA-based vaccines and viral vector vaccines.

Firstly ,I want to talk about viral vector vaccines.Because ,Turkish government has an agrement with Sinovac which is Chinese firm ,and ordered this vaccine 50 million doses.

According to the inactive Although CoronaVac has a disadvantage over non-production mRNA type vaccines, it has a significant advantage outside of storage and transportation: It can be stored in a normal technique, which is an old method, in this vaccine, the virus that has lost its ability to infect is given to the body, and the patient is expected to gain immunity.

Secondly, they are RNA-based vaccines. The vaccines produced by Pfizer and BioNTech are RNA-based vaccines. While these vaccines can be produced in high numbers, chicken eggs are required for the production of CoronaVac.It has been announced by Pfizer and BioNTech that the coronavirus vaccine is "more than 90 percent effective" against Covid-19 disease.

In conclusion, As a result, the research yielded results and the vaccine was found. Although the side effects are not fully understood yet, we are at least much more hopeful, it seems that we will have a comfortable winter of 2022.

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