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Do you enjoy your life?

Güncelleme tarihi: 13 Ağu 2020

In most of the sessions I am currently doing, our topic is to enjoy life.

Perhaps it has increased after many of us start to question our lives after the Corona epidemic.So it inspired my writing today.

Are you really satisfied with the life you live?

Yes or No..

Let's examine your behavior patterns that prevent you from enjoying life together.

*Controlling, trying to control everything, everyone and every event.

*Not being flexible, insisting that everything should be the way you want.

*Seeing life only as duty and responsibility.

*Being closed to other points of view.

*Seeing life only as duty and responsibility

*Not spending time on the things we love and are happy with.

Each person's talent and life purpose is different.Realizing the life purpose of the person and working related to the purpose of life increases the pleasure she gets from life.

Sometimes change takes time, you have to take this time for yourself.

In reality, life is a cycle of giving and receiving.Using the talent to contribute to social life and working for the good of the whole increases the pleasure from life.

As a result, true happiness is possible with the contribution we can make to society.

For example ...

Planting a tree.

Helping the elderly.

Participating in volunteer training activities.

Volunteer coaching.

Carrying out planned activities to protect nature.

Educating women to work to reach self-sufficient consciousness.

It is possible to increase the examples mentioned above. Use your imagination and skills.

First of all, you should discover your talent.Look at what you do with ease.

These are your real talents.Use your real skills for the community.

In this way, your pleasure from both yourself and the life you live and your joy of life will increase more than you think.

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